• References & Projects

    References & Projects

    The PlanET Biogas Group is one of the leading providers for planning, construction, service and repowering of AD plants. We offer technical solutions for the use of 100 percent manure or slurry and challenging substrates such as grass or straw. Get some impressions of our references.

  • New construction

    New construction

    PlanET is your first address for the building of biogas plants. We are one of the TOP 5 plant builders in the world with more than 360 successful realized projects. No matter what substrates you want to use – slurry, waste or solid manure: The right return will convince you of our plant concepts.

  • Biomethane


    Biomethane is the green gas of tomorrow: If biogas is upgraded to biomethane, everybody profits. The climate profits by the replacing natural gas. The communes profit by a value creation staying within the region. And the farmers profit by biomethane that pays off with PlanET.

  • Technical service

    Technical service

    High performance, less downtimes, high durability – good reasons for a first-class service! Do not save money in the wrong place, but profit by short response times, high availability of spare parts and qualified consultation – all within PlanET. We invite you to experience new quality standards for technical service.