Head Biology

Biological Service

High end service for a stable operation of your biogas plant

You won’t operate an efficiant biogas plant, if biology doesn’t work well. A complex mechanism based on micro-organisms is more or less responsible for your gas yield. Our inhouse service laboratory in Germany carries out the complete range of analyses and provides an interpretation of the results. The result contributes towards a quick start-up procedure and a stable operation of your biogas plant.

Single steps of the biolocical fermentation process

Checking the substances for gas yield, fermentation progress, nutrients and harmful substance content enables an optimal feeding of your biogas plant. Gas yield and gas quality tests provide important characteristic values in order to ensure the economic viability of the biogas plant. Standard analyses include measuring the conductibility, pH-value, the amount of volatile organic acids and the buffer capacity. Additional analyses are acetic acids, prop ionic acids, n-butyric acid, iso-butyric acid, n-valeric acid, iso-valeric acid as well as dry matter, organic dry matter and concentration of ammonium.

A brief digression on the subject of substrate treatment

Every raw material possesses a theoretical energy potential, regardless of a digestion path’s process technology. This potential in the biogas process is referred to as a theoretical maximum biogas or gas yield. For instance, the theoretical maximum of typical maize silage amounts to approximately 310 Nm3 of methane per ton of dry matter (DM). According to the Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL, Germany), the gas yield of an average biogas plant is approximately 65%. PlanET biogas plants already achieve an average gas yield of 70%. There are a lot of process technology methods of treating substrate in order to increase the gas yield even further in a target fashion. PlanET Biogas Group offers you a micro crushing system by ultrasonic waves with the PlanET DesiUs and a mechanical technology solution with the PlanET Gorator®.