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Eurotier 2016 - PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH

This year we focus on the two main areas within the AD sector:  new construction and improvement (repowering) of existing AD plants. Therefore, we are keen to present you different concepts for the usage of agricultural waste with our Waste to Energy plants and the use of mainly slurry and manure with our on farm plants. Furthermore you will find information on how to boost your existing plants with different modular state-of-the-art technology solutions like the PlanET Rotacrex.

We would be happy to see you here: Hall 25 – stand H28

PlanET - Eurotier 2016 - Messeplan

Waste to Energy - PlanET

Waste to Energy - PlanET

Whether you want to stabilise your electricity supply, reduce your high energy bill by self-supply or you take the opportunity to profit from waste disposal fees - there are plenty of reasons for turning organic waste into energy. PlanET can offer an individual concept for your need, being able to integrate your core business in the daily operation of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. We also advice on whether electricity generation via a combined heat and power unit (CHP) or the upgrading to biomethane is worthwhile.

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On farm solution

On farm solution - PlanET Eurotier 2016

The German market currently demonstrates that small scale anaerobic digestion (AD) plants running solely on farmyard manure or slurry are profitable. They provide many benefits for the dairy farmer, e.g. by reducing the amount of digestate or increasing the farm’s security. PlanET has successfully commissioned on farm plants all over Germany and Europe and created a special portfolio to offer reliable technology to a reasonable price. Check out our on farm and see, what our operators say and why experts argue in favour of biogas.

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Eutotier 2016 - Repowering PlanET

RePowering in the PlanET sense means the extension or improvement of existing plants, regardless of its original manufacturer. Thanks to our own R&D department, we are able to come up with latest technologies to improve a plants performance or its profitability, e.g. by easing the handling of difficult substrates. An example can be found below, where we introduce the PlanET Rotacrex. However, RePowering does also mean the plant’s extension by building another tank, adding another CHP or replacing outdated technology with state-of-the-art solutions.

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PlanET Rotacrex: Handling long fibre substrates




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