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New construction

Construction with high quality equipment for your biogas plant - trust the quality leader

Thanks to our innovative modular construction units (SYSTEMBIOGAS), we offer biogas plants with maximum flexibility in regards to possible expansions or efficient repowering and technical add-ons. All components are equipped with connection-ready interfaces (plug & play), meaning that expansions or changes can be made easily and cost-effectively at any time. The product range includes farm-scale biogas plants for energy crops and agricultural residues, 100% liquid manure or dung as well as “Waste to Energy” projects for industrial substrates.

Digester IsolationDigester ManholeHeating PipesLeakage filmTemperature sensor


Watch our recent Youtube video and get a first impression how a biogas plant has been constructed:


Totally installed electrical power of PlanET plants

141.145 kWel

CO2 reduction by installed PlanET biogas plants

590.144.182 kg CO2/a

10 good reasons for PlanET

  • Average time of annual operating hours is more than 8300