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PlanET Flexstore: The new generation of air-supported roofs

A central technical element of the demand-oriented electricity production is the gas storage. Because even if the CHP rests, the production of biogas continues. On the structural basis of a double-walled air-supported roof the PlanET gas storage Flexstore XXL offers large storage volumes and highest safety standards. Thanks to their round shape, the air-supoorted roof posseses a much bigger gas storage volume than conical roofs do.

PlanET Flexstore XL gas storage volumePlanET fan unit incl. throttle valve

But the shape isn’t the only benefit: the film material is designed for durability and is reliably fastened to the AD plant by an innovative new sealing system, which is easy to maintain at the same time.

PlanET graphics: Controlling of the gas storage

The new development of the unique throttle valve on the air supply unit allows active control of the gas storage fill levels, thus increasing the effectively usable gas storage volumes, enabling gas storage management.

Totally installed electrical power of PlanET plants

141.145 kWel

CO2 reduction by installed PlanET biogas plants

590.144.182 kg CO2/a

10 good reasons for PlanET

  • Average time of annual operating hours is more than 8300