PlanET NEWS: Biogas for Broiler Farm

The plant consists of one digester and one digestate tank, and is designed to utilise 3,300 tonnes of maize silage, additionally 1,000 m3 of cattle slurry and 600 tonnes of chicken maure every year. PlanET’s scope of supply included everything from planning application support services over construction to commissioning and biological consultancy through the PlanET laboratory.


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Sustainable Energy Supply for Farm Business

“We are very happy, that the owners of the broiler farm approached PlanET for a comprehensive consultancy, in order to check out the potential of available biomass and to design a tailor-made biogas plant”, Stephan Hoffmann, responsible project manager for the UK, explains. “The farmers were looking for a profitable way of recycling the chicken manure from their farm on one hand, and saving energy costs for heating the broiler houses on the other hand. Our biological analysis of the chicken dung with sawdust available on the farm has offered a proper basis for a stable fermentation process”, Hoffmann sketches out. The farm with a capacity of more than 90.000 broilers per turnover stablished a modular biogas concept, which optimally fits into the daily farm operation. The surplus heat from the CHP unit will be used to heat the three broiler houses located adjacent to the plant. “For our clients it is very important to have the possibility to stay flexible, even in a long term distance”, Stephan Hoffmann goes on. “Therefore our biogas plant is designed as a modular system. The digestate tank, for example, is equipped with a gas tight roof, insulation beneath the base and heating pipes in the base and walls, so it can easily be upgraded into a fully functional secondary digester”.