Repowering with the experienced quality leader

Many biogas plants are not operating at their maximum capacity. This has an enormous impact on the feasibility of the AD plant. PlanET’s repowering concept provides customers focused technical and biological advice and solutions to optimize the plant performance and to increase the reliability and efficiency. Our experienced tailormade service includes: Site visit to your AD plant (country specific regulations), examine site conditions, technical requirements and data, evaluate a customer focused concept, recommend technical and biological solutions.


The unique PlanET sum principle

PlanET Biogas Group has developed a revolutionary formula for high quality biogas. For the first time, this analysis makes it possible to measure efficiency. In the same way as each mathematical theorem follows any physical laws, the  PlanET sum principle provides quantitative results by means of defined parameters that allow a statement on the efficiency of an AD plant. The application is suitable for the construction of newly built plants as well as already running AD plants. PlanET has defined six quantifiable partial areas, whose sum ensures the success of a biogas plant. We are glad to provide technical solutions and/or service products for each area, in order to optimize the performance of your AD plant. Get in contact with our sales team!

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